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Måneskin in the Czech Republic with the Italian Cultural Istitute of Prague

Prague, 13 August 2021. The highlight of the 26th edition of Rock for People, one of the biggest rock festivals in the Czech Republic, is scheduled for tonight with a performance in the Hradec Králové park by Måneskin, the sensational Italian musical group that won the Eurovision Song Contest and the Sanremo festival, with their song Zitti e buoni that quickly became an acclaimed international success. The band consisting of Damiano David (vocals), Thomas Raggi (guitar), Victoria De Angelis (bass) and Ethan Torchio (drums) has brought Italy back to the forefront of the rock scene with lively music that is full of cathartic and creative forces which, treasuring individuality in diversity, opens up to the collective sphere with a disruptive scenic energy far away from stereotypes and clichés.

Not only will there be thirty bands from the Czech Republic, Italy, Sweden, Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the USA, taking turn over two days on the three stages; the Festival will also include speakers, theatrical actors, comedians, dancers, and acrobats, all in a single event under the banner of sustainability. This year in fact, Rock for People has invested in expanding its ecological programme by using solar panels and recycled materials, banning PET bottles and drinking cups, and extending the collection points to include for thirteen differentiated types of waste. The absolute new feature is the use of a hydrogen-powered generator that uses a fuel cell to convert hydrogen combined with oxygen into water, generating a large amount of electrical and thermal energy and producing distilled water as the only by-product.

Returning to the festival is the area reserved for human rights and nature protection associations including Greenpeace, which to mark the 30th anniversary of its activity in the Czech Republic will have a stand that uses solar energy to make ice cream, top-ups for mobile phones from renewable sources, seminar spaces for product recycling, and a photographic laboratory that is also powered by renewable sources.

The participation of Måneskin at the Rock for People festival is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute of Prague.